HERO Celebrates Earth Day Every Day!

Did you know in 2010 alone, Americans generated over 250 million tons of trash?

Only 85 million tons, 34.1%, of this total was recycled. Overall, each person generates 4.42 pounds of waste every day (EPA, 2010). In 2010, Clay County, MN generated 48,500 tons of waste with a recycling rate of 40% (Clay County, 2012). While HERO’s 59 tons saved from landfills may seem small, the impact is great! The benefits from any type of recycling are important for the preservation of our environment and Earth as a whole.

HERO Environmental Studies Intern, Brittany, created an Environmental Impact Report answering how HERO not only impacts the people in our community, but saves our world from wasted energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and more! Read more about HERO’s environmental impact and the full version of her report, by clicking HERE!