How much did the HERO GoFar Charity Team Raise?

Thank you to the 2012 HERO GoFar Charity Team! We truly appreciate your hard work, the time you gave, and the funds you raised.

Together, the team raised $3,025!

Team Members:

  • Margot Brenna
  • Pam Davidson
  • Vincent Fike
  • Gena Fike
  • Leah Fujimoto
  • Elyse Gulsvig
  • Nate Gulsvig
  • Robert Gulsvig
  • Paulette Gulsvig
  • Brian Moe
  • Nacia Muehlenkamp
  • Joyce Newton
  • Rachel Pecka
  • Tori Pederson
  • Connie Peterson
  • Manasi Ratnaparkhe
  • Anne Riske
  • Jillian Ross
  • Susan Rydell
  • Tyler Schwankl
  • Marissa Thompson

Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time at the Fargo Marathon Expo, the GoFar VIP Room, and helped the Fargo Marathon on behalf of HERO!


  • Calli Blezer
  • Jennifer Bogart
  • Maxine Fagerland
  • Leah Fujimoto
  • Pam Gruchalla
  • Linda Hamann
  • Elliot Hoekstra
  • Sara Larson
  • Tony Mangnall
  • Deanna Micheli
  • Brian Moe
  • Al Traaseth
  • Janet Traaseth
  • Jenna Walkoviak


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