“Hey, I put some new shoes on, And suddenly everything is right”

To some people, shoes are the most important part of an outfit. They can show our moods, our personalities, and our style. Yet, so many people are aching and sore and need the cushion and stability of orthopedic shoes.

Have no fear fashionistas and shoe-fans! Orthopedics can be stylish! In fact, HERO receives orthopedic shoes in a variety of colors and styles.

Hold the phone. HERO has shoes? Yes we do! In fact many people are surprised to see two and a half shelves full of orthopedic shoes when they stop into the HERO store. New shoes are donated to HERO after a local company has tested them to qualify them for medical use. After testing they would be destined for the trash. Luckily, HERO is able to redistribute them to anyone with a need!

Fun Fact: Did you know that “ortho” is a Greek root for “correct” and “pedic” means feet. So ortho+pedic= Correct Feet. Which means that the arch support, heel support, and cushions all help correct your feet into the best position.

More Benefits of Orthopedic Shoes:

  1. Give added support
  2. Prevent and alleviate foot pain
  3. Come in a variety of widths and sizes
  4. Relieve pressure of contact on troublesome spots
  5. Stimulate blood flow through the foot
  6. Less expensive than foot surgery
  7. HERO’s suggested handling fee is only $10-$50 compared to $100-$250+

Now that you’re convinced to wear these super-shoes, what are you waiting for? Come to HERO and get your very own pair!