Item of the Week: Airial Compressor Nebulizer System

Imagine yourself as a four year old child. You love to play outside, run, and jump; but when you’re playing outside with your friends, you suddenly start breathing quickly, not able to catch your breath. It’s as if a heavy weight is pressing on your chest and you’re grasping for air. This is what it feels like to have an asthma attack.

Children suffering from asthma, sinusitis, lung disease, flu, allergies, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems are often given nebulizer treatments to open up the airways and allow easy breathing.  A nebulizer is a device similar to an inhaler but is easier to use. It makes it preferable for children, disabled children or adults, and the elderly.

We are so lucky to have a variety of donated nebulizers that are kid friendly! From pink and black pandas, to penguins, and fire trucks. Your child is sure to find a nebulizer they are excited to use.

Nebulizers can run from $65 up to $79 or more. At HERO, we have nebulizers for adults and children for a suggested handling fee of just $50. We ask for a prescription to make sure these machines are going to people who need them. We are able to waive the handling fee if a customer is unable to afford it. In order to be able to waive these fees for families in desperate need of this lifesaving device, we rely on individual contributions from our community. You can save a child today by clicking the donate button above.

To learn more about nebulizers, click here.