A Day Without Poverty

HERO Serves at Convoy of Hope

1,500 people attended Convoy of Hope this past Saturday. 730 volunteers gave their time to welcome, direct, help, and organize this day without poverty.

A quote taken from the Forum: “In these hard economic times, a lot of people are struggling,” said Gregg Thee, event coordinator. “This is to show there’s someone who cares. It’s a good way to touch lives.”

How true this is. At HERO, each day we see people without income or steady income, those without adequate health insurance, those without the basics for personal hygiene or wound care. HERO was excited to be invited to take part in Convoy of Hope. It was a day to come together as a community and give to those in need.

Attendees received free bags of groceries, health services, haircuts, family portraits, lunch, shoes, and inflatable games. HERO brought gauze, tape, ace-wraps, shampoo, lotion, and hand sanitizer.

At 9am on Saturday, hundreds of people were already lined up to take part in Convoy of Hope. By 10:30, all of HERO’s supplies were already distributed! Margot, HERO Communications Director, quickly drove to HERO to pick up more hand sanitizer to give away for the rest of the day.

To read more about A Day Without Poverty, visit http://www.inforum.com/event/article/id/365959/group/News/.